Prolong Your Transmission

Prolong Your Transmission


The secret to keeping your transmission healthy is to keep the transmission fluid and filters in great condition.

A regular change to your transmission fluid could save you $$, we look at the colour of the fluid which can tell us a lot of information about the state of its health, a red tranmission fluid generally means that the fluid is still able to do its job in lubricating all the moving parts within your transmission.

If the transmission fluid is a little watery or burnt then it needs to be changed by a transmission specialist as quickly as possible.

At the same time the filters will be changed to ensure the life of your transmission is prolonged.

If your transmission fluid quality does deteriorate the moving parts within your transmsission will rub and degrade quickly.

A few signs that your transmission may require a change are if you feel any difference in gear changes, strange smells or noises. Book a car service today to potentially save yourself a lot of money!