We at Apex Auto Group are transmission repair specialists.

Automatic transmissions are an important component in any modern vehicle, they go unnoticed until there is a problem, at which point you appreciate the complexity.

Transmissions are vital to a car, without them you cannot move forwards or backwards. Transmission send power from the engine to the wheels, control the speed and change gears.

An automatic transmission contains mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and computer controls.  If they break they are expensive to fix, if well maintained they have a long life span. We recommend Servicing your Transmission every 20,000kms, annually or as per the manufacturer’s specification.

There are numerous warning signs that you should look out for to ensure you catch any transmission problem before it escalates. If you recognise any of the issues below, contact us immediately.

Excessive gear noise – this may indicate that there are low fluid levels or that the fluid has been contaminated.

Gears slipping – if you notice that the gears are not staying in position or won’t engage then call us immediately.

If there is a smell from the transmission fluid this may indicate that the fluid has been burnt, if a fluid and filter change does not take place immediately you run the risk of having to do a complete transmission over haul.